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Personal Shopping Experience

Ever thought about having a personal/private shopping spree without leaving your comfy couch? iConcepta Boutique is now offering a Live Personal Shopping Experience. Even if you’re not one of our distance shoppers, you can still take advantage of this service. Winter months, kids at home, or you just don’t feel like going out, you can still schedule this personal treat. You can also turn it into a girl’s night and invite some friends over to your place and enjoy shopping together.

Sounds fun! So how does it work?

You schedule an appointment and your shopping is done via video chat (facebook, facetime). Much like any Live Sale, we showcase the items to you via live stream and you decide what you’d like to purchase. The only difference is that it is personalized for you! Only items in your size, style preferences and even budget will be showcased for you. How’s that for service?!! Yes, we are totally spoiling you ladies! Lol!

How do you schedule an appointment?

Just complete the appointment form and we’ll take it from there.

What is the cost?

Really, there is no cost. However, because we value each other’s time, we’re asking for a pre-pay of $20 when setting up your appointment. Now wait, before you huff and puff, lol! the $20 is applied to your order. We want to be able to give you this great service but since these appointments will most likely be after business hours, we need a commitment to the appointment.

What if you don’t purchase anything during the Live Personal Shopping Event?

You retain the $20 as credit which you can use in store, online or any other shopping event at iConcepta Boutique. The credit has no expiration date.

How long is the Shopping event?

All depends on how many items are available for you. The event can be between 30-45 mins. If you wish to spend less time, you may request shorter time frames.

Return policy?

If you find that an item doesn’t fit as well as you had hoped, you may return the item to the boutique and you will have store credit in the amount of the item/s. We appreciate prompt returns.

Payments and receiving items?

After your Live Personal Shopping spree, you will be invoiced to complete payment. At checkout, you will have various shipping options to choose from.

For local shoppers, there is always the option of picking up at the boutique.

Schedule your Live Personal Experience now! Appointment Form